The Unanswered Questions All Women Should Have An Answer Too September 2, 2015

It’s human nature to wonder about our bodies and how they work. To worry about if each part looks right and is feeling the way it should be. Many of these questions revolve around the female genitals. This is certainly no surprise. Ask any men and many of their most popular questions will lie around their penis as well. Again, this is human nature at it’s finest. So can you stretch it out by having too much sex? How can you tighten your loose vagina quickly and naturally? Is it suppose to have an odor to it? How do I touch it just right to get that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction?

If you are a woman these are all valid questions that you should be asking about your own body. You need to know how it works and asking questions tailored around this subject is the key to understanding your bodies usual functions. Don’t be embarrassed talking about your vagina with your closest friends, everyone is doing it. Ever wonder why it has so many nicknames? Simply because everyone is chatting about it. You can discover more by reading

The one key thing you need to know about your sexuality, is the more you know about your body and how it works the more you can become comfortable using it. And in the end the more pleasure your vagina will bring you. Apply this logic to any other area of your life and you will get a similar result. The more comfortable you become around a certain thing the easier it is for you to enjoy it. The things that scared the crap out of you before, once you do them they become second nature. Think of your vagina the same way as described here ( Once you become in tuned with how it functions, then and only then can you use it to your own advantage.

A few things do need clarified at the start of your journey of human sexuality so that you better understand the more telling components. First off, the vagina is not the general name for your entire down there region. In fact, your special area is made up of many different body parts. The vagina is only the canal that runs inside the body. It starts that the vulva and runs straight threw to the cervix. Next up, not all vaginas look the same. Just because another woman looks different down there doesn’t mean you are dis-formed. The most telling difference between various vaginas are the size of the clitoris. They can range anywhere from one inch to one and one half of an inch. The same logic gets applied to the color of the vagina as well. Different women have different colors of their vagina.

Next, a well stocked man won’t stretch you out. In fact, it doesn’t matter how often you have sex you won’t be able to stretch out your vaginal walls. They work the same each and every time you have sex. The vaginal walls are extremely elastic so when you engage in sexual activities, as your body is becoming turned on the vaginal muscles loosen up. You can get a better idea of how this works at This allows for enjoyable, instead of painful sex with your partner. Once you are done doing your business that vaginal muscles will begin to contract again. Like we said elastic. It will just keep bouncing back to its original form. You can’t stretch it out by putting things in it. It’s just won’t happen ladies.